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ohh social media thingimibubs

Social Seychelles has them!

Like a You Tube Channel

A Flicker thing

and of course Facebook and @socialsey on Twitter like advertised  just there to the right, do  you see?

Needs a bit more stuff like but it’s a start and I can only upload/download 3GB a month, imagine that UK-ers imagine that…

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Doolittle tricks

I’m trying to understand the cat.

I keep asking the other one as he’s at least had some experience in this area, though he has found it necessary to point out when I ask him how much I should feed the cat and if cats are nocturnal and if they’re tongues are really clean and where might the cat be pooing that he had a cat over 30 years ago and could I now stop obsessing about it and just because the cat  hasn’t come for her food yet doesn’t necessarily mean she’s been poisoned.

It appears she wasn't called Minx for nothing

We have lots of food to give her thanks to D and S our neighbours but I didn’t think to ask them anything else. So the first night, when the cat started meowing loudly at the door, I didn’t know what to do, let her in or not? I let her in, should stop her meowing, I thought. We shut the bedroom door and yes she did meow loudly outside it. We let her in and had a rubbish night’s sleep. Ditto the next night.

The third night, the time of my ‘where the bloody hell is she?’ panic, she stayed out and we concluded it was because it was no longer very windy, a weak hypothesis maybe but yet to be disproved.

An alternative explanation is she’s just sick of my incessant and inane chatting on at her, well that’s what the other one said and I don’t know what he was getting at. Like he said, he last had a cat 30 years ago, what does he know?

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Like kings and queens

The neighbours being off on holiday and all decided to defrost their fridge and freezer and kindly gave us what was in them, which was a lot including one unopened bag of king size prawns.

We haven’t eaten so well in months.

They also very sweetly gave us a bottle of wine that’s worth over £25. We refrained from opening it to have with our tea but wonder how long we’ll hold out. Maybe that’s why wine is really kept in cellars – to make it bloody hard to get to.

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Wine and girlie night shocker!

Like it happened. I went to a bar after work and ended up having three glasses of white wine and enjoying the company of a group ladies and got a lift back. It was almost like enjoying normal London life… except really I couldn’t afford it.

Still, I annoyed the other one when I got back, that’s normal too, me merry? Course not…..

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Ahhhh pet

this isn't our cat and nor would it be smiling like this

Our neighbours dropped a little bombshell.

‘We’re going on holiday, do you mind feeing the cat’

‘No, not at all, how long?’

‘Three weeks’

‘Oh’. ‘When?’

‘Day after tomorrow’.


They don’t know my track record. I’ve not had pets so much as they’ve come into my possession and left shortly after…

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100% genuine advertisement. Love it.

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Saturday night and Spirit Catcher were on. We’d heard some of their stuff online,  it was deep house, it was time to dance, kid or no kid.

I knew that most of the Russian girlies would be dressed up and still hadn’t quite recovered (though the other one assures me that he had) from seeing on the opening night, the world’s tiniest pair of shorts on a girl who looked like she’d just left a Helmut Newton shoot, they were some legs (though completely useless if one was forced into a survival situation and had to eat her, whereas I’d be a lifesaver ‘wow, check her legs, plenty there to chew on’, downside:I’d get eaten first).

I dressed down, blushed in pink, ready to kick some mother thumping bass. COME ON.

my old faithful

Spirit Catcher were awesome. People were up and dancing, including  one lovely lady who held a baby alarm in her hand, gotta love it. And that was what was so cool about the festival, it was for grown up’s who loved their music and just got on with it and enjoyed it, no ego. Later Wbeezer and Omar also took to the stage and it rocked. Not sure what some of our colleagues thought about mine and the other one’s commitment to the groove but it was good to be back. IN THE AREA.

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The night before the opening night of Oceanbeat, the other one and I faffed around and produced a very home made flyer for Social Seychelles. Usually, I’d abhor such an amateurish attempt but I have no money, this isn’t London and I copywrote it into submission so at least if anyone bothered to read it, it would read well, though no-one will read it  as I didn’t really give any flyers out. Why? Because I got shy, honest,  you can tell I never worked the bars of Tenerife. Thankfully, a couple SocialSey members stepped up to the mark (teamwork) and I said well done (leadership).

My contact at Coral Strand had promised me a Social Sey table and there it was, right next to the British High Commission table, handy that… A smattering of tables were full but it could have been busier and it was a shame as they’d made a real effort. The stage, strung with lights, was by the pool and so everywhere shimmered and shone and it was so fab just to hear live music…Mozez had a great voice and played some morcheeba-esque songs along with a couple of Zero 7  favourites. It was very chilled and listening to the smooth timbre of his voice, the sea splashing behind us, the weather balmy and the beer cold, I thought wow, this is the life.

I thought the same when we returned on Thursday for a bit of Omar, though when trying to remind someone of his erstwhile hit and expressing disbelief that it’d been in the charts in 1990 and they’d replied that they were only 5 years old then, I damn near choked on my beer.

Omar’s set was wide ranging, he played on keyboards and sounded very like Stevie Wonder, improvised and did his jamming thing. I wasn’t too sure what I thought of all his numbers but couldn’t help but admire his voice and talent and was determined to dance to ‘there’s nothing like this’ and I did, though this did entail me making silly faces at a 9 month old child as she and her dad were the only ones dancing, what can you do? Not sure what Omar made of his groupies.

Following Omar were Bossa Futura who I’d never heard of but who were all Cafe Del Mar and Ibiza chill out, just the two of them voice and guitar, and in the background the moon on the indian ocean. Bliss.

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My god, how busy! Never ordinarily going anywhere during the week and then in the name of listening to live music (sometimes on the island) or should I say decent live music (rarely on the island) and doing a bit of promo for Social Seychelles, I went out like 3, yes 3, times. The other one bless could barely handle it.

So you’ll never have heard of Oceanbeat, unless you’re a keen reader of this blog and remember me wittering on about it last year when I managed to miss Talvin Singh. The marketing seems to be minimal and the information, even after reading about it somewhat baffling – an organic life festival apparently – but I think it might be lost in translation from its Russian organised origins. Not that there’s anything Russian about it (apart from some of the festival go-ers who I think I can safely say would struggle anywhere muddy, unless they start making wellies heels with 5  inch heels). Music was courtesy of Omar (altogether now, ‘there’s nothing like this’) and Mozez who sang with Zero 7 and some other bods I’d never heard of.  All the acts played at Coral Strand Hotel and it was free, free, free, my favourite…

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Use your imagination..

I love this picture. I think that this picture is humbling, delightful, life affirming and somewhat of an allegory for Seychelles, making the best of what it’s got (usually). All you need is imagination…

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