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I shouldn’t admit this but…

I saw a mouse on our balcony. It was dark and I didn’t’ want to get near so I poked it with a brush. It moved. The other one wanting to know what I was doing, freaked when I told him. I went inside to put on my shoes, get the dustpan and brush in case I had to get rid of it, and went back outside where I concluded that it must have died as it wasn’t moving at all. Feeling braver, I went closer.

It was a ****** leaf. A BLOODY LEAF.

Geezuz, I really can’t see without my glasses, that or I’m getting some weird kind of flashbacks, like Tim Robbins in Jacobs Ladder, though I don’t think Monday night at the Ritz compares to the Vietnam War really.

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Cat carers

She is very cute

Our neighbours have announced that they are leaving, which is more than our other neighbours who went away for a week – it’s now been three months and they’d promised to feed the cat – the cat who belongs to the neighbours who’ve announced that they’re going (the cat didn’t starve don’t worry). Which means, what happens to the cat? Ahhh yes, we’ve looked after her before, so guess who got asked first? She is a lovely lovely cat but thing is, a couple of weeks is one thing but full time, until we leave and then have the same problem? And do I need to mention the other one and mice? And me and leaves…


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A reprieve of sorts

The other one signed up to run 10km and not to be outdone I figured I might as well tag along, anything you can do…(as long as it doesn’t involve cars, teaching or growing beards). I wasn’t that up for it and was overjoyed when on the day, we got an email to say that the weather was too piss poor to do anything. A two week reprieve, plenty of time to get out there training,running, skipping, yoga-ing – right after I finish this (imaginary) jaffa cake doughnut. I shall not rest until I have one.

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Stone Roses reunion

Sugar spun.

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Beer crates

You get 2 rupees back here for every beer bottle you take back to the shop and so okay we had a crate for ours (hoarding them is no way to feel good about yourself) but it was highly practical and the crate sat on outside on our balcony – well it did – some bloody toerags pinched it and our neighbour’s too. I wouldn’t mind but we only had about 4 bottles. Thieving ***********.

What’s unnerving is that we don’t live anywhere where people just happen to pass, so maybe they’re watching us? I suggested that the other one might want to think about becoming a neighbourhood vigilante, but he thinks that I’d be better at it and he’s probably right, trouble is it’d have to be the right time of the month so I could really let fly. They’d get it alright.

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Rain and Febreze

I remember a joke from the ‘hotel show’ I saw on the one package holiday I went on as a kid. It went something like ‘it only rains twice a year in Manchester (this guy knew his audience), once for the first six months and again for the second six months’. I was eight years old, I thought it was funny. I’m reminded of it because it hasn’t stopped peeing it down here for quite a few weeks. It’s playing havoc with my washing schedule (at least one wash after BBC news 24 on Saturday mornings) as nothing actually dries and if you bring it in, it’s so damn humid, it stinks of damp. See it’s the little things, no-one tells you this when you move to tropical countries, do they? Nor that you’d become obsessed about Febreze and find that it’s really quite hard to procure, nothing like it in Seychelles nor it would seem in South Africa either. Weird.

* On the other hand…this would make a great present

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Saturday afternoon TV

Is it called pie in reference to his face?

Perhaps more worrying is that the other one has realised that SBC on a saturday afternoon shows one UK TV show (such shows are very rare), a cause for celebration very probably, a reason to watch maybe, a reason to turn of – oh yes – ‘Pie in the bleeding (my words) Sky.’

There’s a reason such shows are forgotten. Come on Seychelles, line, draw it, now.

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Boxed in – entertainment the DVD way

As regular readers will know, we have only two channels on our TV – SBC and TV5 (Afrique) – and as we’re too cheap to have Cable, in house entertainment revolves around DVDs. Availability and quality being variable, we’re forced, FORCED I say, into unusual viewing habits. Take our current schizoid crop of TV viewing; regression (Buffy Series 2), nostalgia (Yes Minister), mid –life crisis (Castle – bonus points for anyone who can spot the link : ), while on the slush pile Glee (my memories of Fame are too fond), Grey’s Anatomy (over the other one’s unconscious body), 2nd/3rd series Inbetweeners (love it but so does everyone else), Misfits (deferred gratification), Mad Men 2nd/3rd (the other one for no discernible reason is not for turning). But hey, I stopped the Hercule Poirot habit at the three free DVDs we have and fear to tread in the Doc Martin footsteps that oooh one among us is known to follow – and not the other one either : ).

*This is in no way a subtle hint for Christmas presents, not at all.

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Jaffa Cake Doughnut

thisislondon.co.uk picture credit I should mention.

I really can’t tell if that’s wrong or not. I’m repulsed and attracted in equal measure. Please someone have one for me.

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Greggs’ Gannet

Saturday lunchtime in Manchester, after a good scrummage round Piccadilly Records and Manchester Underground, it was cross over to the Arndale, stop off in the basement for Greggs cheese and onion pasty followed by a doughnut finger, then off to Kumar Bros, a ratch around Afflecks (maybe the Corn Exchange if we could be bothered) and home on the 41 bus. Twenty or so years later (god, don’t remind me) and Greggs, wonderful Greggs, is still going, beating the recession and reminding us all that you can never be too good for a cheese and onion pasty. Eat that Starbucks.

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