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A suitable gap in the schedule…

After a long break, the Social Seychelles pub quiz was back on Saturday, and you could tell. My opening patter was more of a putter and cor blimey I even had people swapping papers before ‘A’ had done her Round 1 recap. V, v slack. Then again, we were lucky it happened at all:

1) Because we had to find a date that didn’t conflict with the rugby (see previous)

2) Much more crucially, I’d had a call from Exiles about 4 hours previously saying that they didn’t think they could do it all.

I called ‘A’ all calm like, ‘ok we have to think laterally’…

About three minutes later I called back and begged.

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Six nation Seychelles

In the olden days I’m led to believe that people did things like go round to their neighbours to listen to the wireless or watch their TV, because they didn’t have one. In Seychelles, people come round to watch our cable. Well, I say people, really only ‘A’ to watch the rugby and she’s only been round once, but you get the principle.It’s very quaint I find. Much like rugby, they hug each other, scrabble around looking for a ball, find it, don’t want to let go, pull at each other’s shirts in frustration, clutch it to their chest and dive on the ground so no-one else can get it. They’re a bunch of babies. I’m not sure mine’s a widely held view. Sorry A ; )

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Reading material

Ha like I've read it

A waiting room full of 20-30 people and I’m the only one reading. Weird. Also a little bit embarrassing, not least because I’d grabbed something off the work bookshelf – Britain and its Empire and Seychelles didn’t become independent until 1976.  I tried to hide the cover in my handbag. People must have wondered what the hell was so interesting in there. Then again, if they can sit doing nothing for hours, probably not.

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Language #2 New words

Regular readers will know that there are times when you can be at a loss for things to do in Seychelles – the beaches are fantastic, but they don’t sing and dance. This is why sometimes you may find yourself doing utterly ridiculous things to amuse yourself, like say making up a word and hoping it catches on…(it’s not just me right?)

For this to succeed, it helps if more than one person uses it – this is where you come in. Ladies and Gentlemen…may I present….

To Smink (verb)the dual act of drinking and smoking, usually indicative of a large night out for which you are now paying the price. e.g. I feel crap, I was sminking last night. While applicable to all people who drink and smoke, usage may be used to denote an exceptional occasion when an individual has indulged in one or both of these acts who wouldn’t normally.

Sminker (noun) – a person who drinks and smokes. The original sminker was Hilda Ogden from Coronation Street. Because I just decided.

It is if you like the 2012 version of the so, so, so, so,so passe term ‘social smoker’ that often  invites the ‘witty retort’ that there’s nothing social about smoking. This isn’t news.

And isn’t relevant to me, evidently. That’s why I need more people to say it.


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Language #1 Euphemisms

‘Loaded Colon’ – loosely translated as full of ****.  Not in relation to me, evidently.

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No more french.

I have my life back. And can report that I no longer sweat so much.

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Vegetarian heaven…

Sausages – normal
Sausages – braai
Beef strips
Chicken strips
Beef burgers
Chicken burgers
Chicken nuggets
Vegetarian mince and gravy

AND Linda McCartney Pies


My repertoire of  dishes has rocketed into double figures. I can start inviting people round again.

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