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Port Launay via Sans Souci Road

The other one drove what I think is the most scenic road in Mahe, in the  manual hired for MP, managing not to stall on any of the hairpin bends of the Sans Souci road. I stopped for a pee at the Seychelles Tea Factory (I only ever seem to go there for the loo) before we carried on towards Port Launay, a part of the island that MP hadn’t yet been too. The other one has recently had the arduous task of having Monday morning lessons on the beach as his kids learn about pollution, climate change and other environmental issues, that’s got to be a Monday morning to get up for! It’s a beautiful spot and excitingly, I had a mail from one of my mates from my MBA course telling me that they were getting married there in May. Am well thrilled, a mate’s wedding in Seychelles coming up – can’t wait!

We relaxed in the shade at the far end of the beach and I road tested my  new Panasonic Lumix GF1 (a hundred quid cheaper as they’ve just brought out a new model). After hours of researching on the internet, I decided upon one of these micro four third models, knowing that I’d never cart round one of the larger digital SLRs (as they have an optical viewfinder it has to be bigger for the mirror mechanism) and have neither the time or patience to learn about the 1001 things that they could do. I couldn’t even work out how to zoom on the Panasonic. M suggested that it might be on the lens but too scared to do anything with the camera without having consulted the manual at least four times, I took all my pictures at the same fixed length, got home, read the manual and the zoom was on the lens just like M said. I’m very stupid.

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Silhouette again!

This time with mother dear as a thank you for my super smashing computer. The other one glad to be rid of us no doubt, dropped us at Bel Ombre for the crossing over which was way more choppy than it had been the last time. We had a beach villa again and mother was well impressed – my job was done! We’d crammed a few snacks in our bags and we grazed on these throughout the day as we sat and watched a couple of films as the rain came down before also taking a walk down the beach and visiting the Giant Tortoises. It was a bit embarrassing as I’d asked for a buggy hoping they’d allow me to drive it, that’s me crazy in an electric car just not real ones, but it came with a driver  and so we looked like lazy ass tourists instead.

The resort was busier than last time but this still only amounted to about 15 people on the beach. We cracked open the wine and booked to eat in the Portobello restaurant, having no choice as it was the only speciality restaurant open, which was disappointing. Reception kindly told me that gentlemen need to wear trousers, I’m not sure that many people bring their mum’s to places like this. I think you’re meant to be romantic.

Dinner was outside, tasty and filling, though not up to the standards I think of the Japanese place. I could barely eat the complimentary chocolates at the end and wanted to take them back with us but mother dear frowned upon it as I don’t think she thought this was the behaviour of people staying in posh resorts. I acquiesced… its easier :  )

After a deep and restful sleep, the next day we got up bright and early to fill our faces on breakfast before going on one of the complimentary walks to a local beach. Sitting chomping on my scrambled eggs and toast (preceded by cereal and succeeded by fruit) the rains came down again and reporting to reception it was no surprise to learn that the walk was off. A shame as I could have spent far more time stretching breakfast into lunch.

A view out to North Island - that's where the Beckhams go

We went to the spa where it seemed the other one and I hadn’t perhaps been very hardcore about it. This time round the sauna was nearly 70F and the steam room I don’t know how hot but something like ‘stay in here more than 7 mins and you’ll die’. I’ve never seen my mum enter and leave a room so quickly. She stood on guard outside while I was determined to give it a while longer although her motherly gesture was somewhat useless as she couldn’t seen through the front glass door to see if I’d collapsed unconscious as the tinted glass door was steamed up.

Following a dip in the pool, we went back to our room, packed up our stuff and left for the boat back home. I think I’ve said it before but I could get used to this life.

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Christmas Day in Beau Vallon

The sun was indeed shining down on us as there was not a hint of rain as we arrived at Beau Vallon to meet friends for a beach picnic. Mother had been roped into the cause making fishcakes and we also took a pasta pesto salad and tuna ceviche (I ignored the wrinkled noses of mother dear and the other one who were later forced to taste and admit that it was rather quite nice). We spread out our large  and confusing sand coloured throw and as the day ticked by, more and more people squashed themselves onto it. We munched our way through a fair bit of food highlights including octopus curry, chocolate mousse and posh cake and secret santa was a hit despite my attempts to mess it up – you wouldn’t think that randomly picking presents out of  black bin bag could go wrong but I did my best.

As the sun dipped the other one and I whipped out our Christmas Quiz and whipped our three teams into a frenzy of excitement as they pitted their wits against each other in thrilling rounds of travel, general knowledge, music and film, though they were very quiet in expressing their feelings, we hardly even noticed that as we totted the scores up, most of them had gone. Maybe the lack of a prize didn’t help as helpfully pointed out by mother dear, indignant that there wasn’t a bottle of wine or drinks at the Hilton on offer.  Who would be paying for this I enquired? She quickly realised the flaw in her plan.

Packing up our things in the last slivers of daylight, clutching our secret santa pressies, we made for home.

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Swimming pools and spas…

Labriz Pool

After feasting on breakfast and sneaking in a couple of Bucks Fizz, the gods were on our side as the sky cleared and the sun peeked out. Wasting no time, we sidled into the pool, took lots of shots and got out again, just to prove what a great break we had.

No we did swim a bit, how could we not?  The swimming pool was ours most of the time and at one end we had a beautiful view of the mountains and the other a view to the beach. We dried off in the sun’s rays and curled up on a big comfy chair that we’d been coveting where I vainly tried to take a decent photo of me concluding that it was the camera’s fault that I had more than one chin and gave up, dragging the other one to the beach instead, where I vainly tried again, this time from the flattering angle of swinging on a hammock – though I think the other one was more concerned with capturing the beauty of the beach as it was pretty awesome.

Boring of that game, we continued on to the resort spa where we gave the treatments a miss as the prices were rather steep (£100 average) but clued in from someone else learned that the rest of the facilities can be used for free.

The only ones there, not content with living in the humidity of the Seychelles for months, we felt it necessary to work up more sweat in the sauna and the steam room (and I hoped to drop a chin or two). Plunging in the outdoor pool, we discovered that its shape and depth distorted our body images and amused ourselves no end, but then this comes from people who find swimming in pools with snorkel masks on, funny.

Back at the villa, we got ourselves ready to leave and despite the weather had had a lovely time and were disappointed to be going. This mean that the Christmas was approaching and with it the arrival of mother dear.

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Soggy in Silhouette…

The one exciting thing about going into work before Christmas (besides receiving my photo of me shaking hands with Princess Anne : ) ) was an email about a special corporate offer at the Labriz resort on Silhouette Island, one of  Seychelles’ islands and the one visible from Beau Vallon and Glacis. Scrambling around for decent content for this here blog is always a good excuse to justify a splurge plus it had been the other one’s birthday recently when all he got was some cheddars, marmalade (that he doesn’t like) and a box of Special K, so really I owed him (skipping the fact that he actually paid, he’ll never know…).

We rocked up at Bel Ombre in the pimp mobile where it joined all the proper cars in the secure parking area and staff pondered the wisdom of offering a corporate rate at all. I’d tried to cunningly disguise the beers, crisps and snacks that we’d brought with us to fill up on but needn’t have worried as other people staggered in with what looked like a week’s shop, I mean honestly.

The boat roared off  near empty with about 20 of us on board towards the ominous clouds suspended over the island. Getting off the other side, we were transferred to a buggy that transported us to through the island’s village (aka the staff quarters) and then into another buggy that had sides so we didn’t get wet as the heavens opened. Wonderful, idyllic beach island in the rain.

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So transparent…


I can only conclude my toes are in the sand


I know it looks weird but that’s my foot . In the water. How clear is that?

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The beach at Bird Island

Exquisite. Just nature, the whitest of sands, sun bleached driftwood, topaz blue waters and no bugger around at all, except a few birds. 

Peaceful bliss.

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