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I hang my head in shame about how long its been since I last posted but in very wafer thin defence of my tardiness a lot’s been happening. Rather than bore you with the minutiae  – and one reason why I’ve been so lax  – I’ll do the quick run through, but first some bad news for anyone who’s been a regular reader, Minxie’s died, or more accurately she was put down : ( . Another reason why I was avoiding doing the blog seeing as though I’d written so recently about her (or not, as the case now is). So what happened? I don’t really know. After we left Seychelles, our appointed guardian did a wonderful job, she fed Minx her pills and took her to the vet and was told she was getting better. Guardian left, someone else was feeding Minx for a week before her new owners arrived. They arrived, two days later we received a mail to say that she’d been taken to the vet who said that there was nothing could be done for her and she was put down.  I don’t know what happened in the intervening week,  perhaps with all the comings and goings of new owners, she got distressed, I don’t really want to think about it.

We did our best, but I still feel awful. So for anyone who’s in Seychelles only for a short time, please think about what you’re doing if you decide to take on a pet. We ended up with Minx because her original owner left after a couple of years and she was kindly taken on by various people who lived in the block of flats where she was, but it was never fair on her to be left to the mercy of others. It’s also not that easy to find new homes, especially for cats and the SSPCA will literally take your cat Monday and if they’re not found a home by Friday (which is unlikely unless they’re kittens because of the change to their environment) they’ll be put down. So please think about it, who’s benefitting most from having the pet and is that fair? We loved having Minx, but if I could have spared her the upheaval I would have done.

Lovely little Minx

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Minx mojo

don’t worry her freedom is now guaranteed

Thank God. The guy moving into our flat is a cat owner and happy to take on Minx. He just isn’t moving in until mid August. Disaster averted by the opportune holiday of an ex school colleague and pet lover who’s staying in our mate ‘J’s flat, more or less next door. We bought a stack load of tuna, handed her a bulging bag of drugs, some money in case she needed to get more and put in a very desperate plea to ask if she didnn’t mind taking Minx to the vet’s in two weeks time for another check up. No problem, our saviour said, and plus she said she was a dab hand with giving cats pills.

I think Minx is in better hands than if we’d been there.


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Good job fresh fish in Seychelles is so cheap

With fresh fish Minx will never notice the 2 x pink pills, 1 x big white, 1/2 x small white pill we crush in her food every day will she?

Day 1 – success! Day 2 – Suspicion. Day 3 – Coaxing. Day 4 –  Whiskers away from getting down on all fours and pretending to eat the sodding stuff for her.

Day 5 – When do we leave Seychelles? Day 6 – Guilt. Day 7 – Back to the vets.

They think she’s getting better. One small problem, we have to leave for the UK the next day.

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And just pop it in…

The lady on the online video says, stroke the cat, ease its head back, open the mouth from the bottom jaw and just pop the pill in.

The cat Minx says you can bloody well bugger off.

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Minx jinx #3

‘Do you know why her mouth is so pink?’ the other one asked about Minx to the vet.


‘No, I’ve seen dogs with it but never cats’ the vet replied.

Being two prior non pet owners we didn’t follow up. Bad move.

Minx got injected, shaved and sprayed with blue antibiotic stuff and we for good measure bought some ‘kill the lice’ shampoo – cue the hilarious Benny Hill chase of the cat around the flat as we tried to bathe her (told you non pet people). She did humour us by sweetly succumbing to a wet towel rub, but that didn’t help her pink mouth, and it was looking worse.

We went back to the vet, which is when we found out that there are actually two vets, both very nice, but only one clearly knows what she’s talking about, and yup she was the one that we hadn’t seen. Immediately, she diagnosed poor minx with having a female indolent ulcer,  but what did that mean?

Answer: A shed loads of drugs to stuff down her neck, and a lot more Benny Hill.

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Minx jinx #2

She was diagnosed with lice.


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Minx jinx #1

Very cute in full health

What to do with the cat was a pressing issue, in the back of our minds and not something we wanted to face. We’d inherited her from our neighbours who’d left who’d inherited her from the previous people who’d lived in our flat who’d inherited her from the previous owner and original person who started the whole mess in the first place, the poor animal passed from pillar to post – though lovely how everyone’s tried to look after her. We considered bringing her to the UK but between needing to get her micro-chipped and inoculated against rabies (both not available in Seychelles necessitating them being sent from the UK), plus not knowing where we’d be living and likely to have to rent, it made no sense. Not helping our cause was some problem with her fur, it was falling out and she had scabs – could hardly advertise her in the paper ‘please have our lovely cute scabby cat, go on go on go on’. So we took her to the vet.

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