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Denis island stuff – pictures


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And all too soon…

it was over and it was home to the sprawling metropolis of Victoria

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Denis island stuff – words

Two idle days of really not having to do anything other than drift between the restaurant, beach and daybed. My weather wariness was unwarranted, the rain gave way to hot sun that was nearly our undoing as we decided to walk to the earmarked snorkel area  – it didn’t look that far on the map – and did we have water? No. Did anyone know where we’d gone? No. It’s a miracle I even got one badge in the Guides. I’m also not so good with tide tables either as the water was barely deep enough to reach my knees and I’m 3 foot (boom boom). Still all the better to see sharks coming, shame about the rest of the wonderful marine life for which Seychelles is known that we got nowhere near seeing. I settled on just eating fish instead.

The beach was stunning, china white sands strewn with silvered driftwood and hardly a person in sight. Having finally returned back to our pad ( I hope no-one responded to my SOS sign) we lay on our sunbeds, the water lapping gently nearby, watching fairy terns dive and hide among the branches of the tree that stood grandly in our villa’s garden and opened a bottle of wine, sigh.

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