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Football turns me a whiter shade of pale

With the football Premiership coming to a close and the other one, unfortunately for me, a Manchester United fan, I’ve had to suffer the interminable bore of hearing how many points, how many games, what goal difference etc etc the team has and pretending like I’m interested. I kinda feel sorry for him as the poor sod hardly ever gets to see a game on TV as SBC rarely shows them, so he sits glued to yahoo sport (the text commentary as we don’t have the download speeds or capacity for video) but always a minute or so behind, his phone pinging having received a text from mates thousands of miles away telling hims someone’s scored, while he sits watching the screen refresh. So exciting times in our household, we went out to watch the footie  at Pirates – on a sunday night. I don’t know the last time we ever went out on a sunday. It was United vs Chelsea. You’ll know the score by now but suffice to say the other one was happy.

Of course, it wasn’t straightforward. The TV’s were on, the sound wasn’t and so in the background, some geezer on a keyboard belted out ‘hits’ including Procol Harem ‘ Whiter Shade of Pale’. It was a very strange experience; it’s hard to be tense and nervous with excitement listening to a bad version of a song whose only line you can remember reminds you of paint and presents the surprising conundrum of would you rather watch paint dry or listen to that song?

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Living the Social Seychelles way

Not sure that it’s been a conscious thing but ever since we got back from SA, we’ve been doing a lot more socially than we usually do. I think perhaps because we were out a lot more and enjoying the different places we went to in SA, back in Seychelles, we’ve decided that we should do more to enjoy our time here. Money, both the costs of going out and also saving to go away, is what has tended to keep us indoors, but the balance needs to be right and I think, right now, the pendulum needs to swing the other way. So a flurry of social activities have been on the agenda, dinner at Bravo on Eden Island with my meditation buddy and her friend who works for the organisationthat has been sent my CV (meeting her could bode ill or well depending), lunch with ‘A’ who I had French lessons with (both of us have since given up) again at Eden Island (except we end up not eating anything) and dinner at the home of one of the school parents.

this car has a lot to answer for...

This was unknown territory and while not so weird for me, it was a bit nerve wracking for the other one, being unused to such social occasions and especially as the kids would also be there. It didn’t help that the other one neglected to tell our hosts that I was vegetarian until the day that we were meant to go (I’ve been veggie the whole time we’ve been together, silly boy). As it’s ten times more difficult to cater for veggies here because staples like tofu or veggie mince are like goldust, I felt quite bad. Our host took it well though, explaining in less blunt terms than mine, that you eat what you get given and I wholly agree – I got Thai curry and it was delicious.

The other one and I both acquitted ourselves quite well, behaving impeccably I like to think, until it was time to leave. Without thinking, the other one referred to our car by its fondly held nickname ‘the pimp mobile’ (no not *&^ heap surprisingly). He said this not once (when I ignored it in the hope that no-one would notice) but twice, at which point the kids said, ‘Mum, what does pimp mean?’ The other one, realisation dawning, looked horrified and floundered apologetically but the parents came to the rescue, saying they thought it was funny (or did they?!). The other one would talk of nothing else on the way back and if he was Catholic, I think he’d be hailing Mary an awful lot. Now though, it’s become a joke of sorts, well my joke, not sure that the other one agrees.

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