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Italian Cafe!

you won’t be able to see the cafe from here

Exciting times for Victoria – a brand new cafe! Given that the only choice has ever been Pirates (great for draught beer and cheap meals, lousy for coffee, cake and snacks) and News Cafe (good for coffee, expensive for snacks – 100 SCR for a panini- and rubbish for service), this has made meeting and having coffee in Victoria a real possibility (although, not a great place to go if you want to avoid people as already mentioned). It’s very easy to miss being in the row of squat shops on the right hand side of market street leading from the pelican crossing to Selwyn Selwyn market, and it doesn’t help that I don’t know its name, but it does have a sandwich board thing outside.

Inside, its clean and white, with funky tables and chairs,  a small bar at the back, a counter selling paninis and cake, and also a range of italian ice creams. I had a cappuccino and a ciabatta – though I can’t remember what it was- and a lime drink, which was very refreshing. The other one also had coffee, bacon and omelette ciabatta (why can I remember his, pray tell?), and altogether it was about 200 SCR, so not bad. It also has a couple of internet terminals in there. I’d recommend it, and the ice creams – I’m saving as treat. I’ve just got rid of one belly, too early to replace it with another.

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Haircut and lunch

This was my mid recovery treat. A haircut at Martin Hoareau’s new place (I was starting to look like ‘ Cousin It’ from the Munsters)  and then on to lunch at La Plaine St Andre that’s been open down near Anse Royale for quite a while now,  but we’d been too lazy to get there, even though it had been the excitement of the island for quite some time. Actually, I had been for our work Christmas lunch and the place is gorgeously set in a traditional Creole house and verdant green gardens, but I’d hadn’t been impressed by my red snapper and mango salsa main course and in hindsight I think fish and fruit is a combination for the brave. This time though, the food was lovely. I had a fish burger, which was just a massive slab of red snapper between two buns with salad and the other one had a proper beefburger. It was quiet and the service was good, if a little too attentive, which isn’t something I ever thought I’d say about Seychelles customer service.

The only low point was that the restaurant wasn’t very busy and presumably this must be the case every week, as there was some kind of spirit tasting session going on, and rather than organise diners on one side of the restaurant and the tasting on the other, they intermingled the too, which okay they weren’t jostling at my elbow but it kind of ruined the ambience. It also made me want hard liquor at lunchtime, which as I hadn’t drank anything since the op would have made for an interesting afternoon.

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I have soooooo much chocolate. Care parcels have been arriving from the UK – thank you my lovelies – and to have proper chocolate – handmade or Cadbury’s has been a delight. So I might have got rid of a few pounds with the cyst now gone, but now I’ve got a chocolate belly instead. And I am also now officially in love with Wispas. I’d forgotten how good they are. Thanks H and thanks to whoever started the internet campaign in 2007 to bring them back.That was foresight.

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Vegetarian heaven…

Sausages – normal
Sausages – braai
Beef strips
Chicken strips
Beef burgers
Chicken burgers
Chicken nuggets
Vegetarian mince and gravy

AND Linda McCartney Pies


My repertoire of  dishes has rocketed into double figures. I can start inviting people round again.

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With none of the build up that we’re used to in the UK and certainly not the weather, it seemed that Christmas was suddenly upon us. From having lots of different ideas for what we’d do, in the event we didn’t do very much. On Christmas Eve, we went round to friends and on Christmas Day, having been to the beach last year, we opted to stay in, cooking up a feast and we hoped, watching lots of Christmas telly. The telly was crap, really crap and the best bit about our Christmas meal was our pudding, which was sent in a parcel from the other one’s mum, full of goodies and filling us with Christmas cheer. I must have really stumped the other one as the first present I opened was a hand blender. I hadn’t set my expectations that low. Then again, since our last one broke, I have to admit I rather missed it. The pressies got better, I got a gorgeous necklace and yup, DVDs too. The other one liked his squash racket, promised me he’d wear the goggles (I doubt it but what better gift than that of an intact eyesight,I ask you?!) and socks, and for the first time ever, liked the clothes that I’d bought him. A relationship first – and they fit him too – bonus! Our mums rang to wish us Merry Christmas and the day ended with a Bailey’s and me struggling to get off the sofa. Happy Days.

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Mandatory away from home food mention #2

I went to Pizza Hut. I think I might make it my mission to go to a one in every country I visit. Because I’m sad undoubtedly, and because I really like deep pan, but more than that, they’re like a cultural microcosm. In Indonesia, they served avocado milkshakes, in Mauritius, Tikka Masala pizzas, in Altrincham, hmmmm let’s see, other than pizza, garlic bread and lasagne, tres exotic.

Once the world of diplomacy has tired of me (quite soon I imagine), I might see if I can get me some funding.

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Mandatory away from home food mention

Most notable about Port Louis, apart from staying at the hotel where Princess Anne stayed (because it’s the only half decent one,

spin that wheel

not because my employers treat me like a princess, though they should clearly) was the opportunity to eat out, which regular readers will know is a bit of an obsession of mine, mainly because I do it very rarely in Seychelles – quality, variety and value for money being allergies well known to the local restauranteur.

VFM was lacking at the waterfront Namaste restaurant, but they had paneer to die for so I was happy. Better yet, was the Chinese above it, Grand Ocean, which me and the boss went to the next day and feasted on chilli squid and prawns and spring rolls and fried rice and…it was heaven. The only thing that would have topped the evening would have been sitting at a table with a lazy susan (yes, I’m that easily pleased), but that would have been sad as there was only two of us and well, I’m not sure the boss would have found it funny if every time he reached for more food, I gave old Susy a spin, though it would have amused me no end.

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Baking mad

of course it's not the one I made

It comes to something when you figure that the best way to get rid of the flour that seems to have accumulated in your kitchen, is to bake cakes. I think it might be because we’ve just had our oven fixed and it now actually cooks in normal time, as opposed to ‘fast forward two hours later and the top of the lasagneis slightly tinged time’.

Still, it meant that the other one did get a birthday present, only it was too small for me to jump out of.

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Pooper scooped…

No not the cat but a potty training child. She thinks the potty is mobile, scoots around the living room on said potty, potty tips over, potty isn’t  empty, Dad scoops up. I gag.


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Cerf Island dude

We were going to Cerf Island for the night- convenient because it’s only a 15 minute boat ride from Mahe, leaving around 3.30pm and coming back the next day the exact same time, with dinner and breakfast thrown in. It’s not I don’t think considered one of the swankier resorts like the Hilton Labriz on Silhouette, or Denis Island, but I was pleasantly surprised, in fact I think I might have enjoyed myself more than at the other two places. Perhaps the bottle of bubbles (drank from teacups) had something to do with it. And the warm welcome, chatting with the general manager on the way, the surprise anniversary cake, the friendly staff, the massive two person bath (it might not look so fancy as the rolltop but at least you don’t get a big toe stuck up  your nose),  the delicious and plentiful food, the cosy and comfortable villa, the TV (sad I know but a treat for us)  and the lack of pretence. It hasn’t got the stunning beaches of other islands and the swimming pool area is small but that’s why there’s a brand new extension about to open soon.

We loved it. Shame anniversary’s only happen once a year. Then again…life is to be lived.

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