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Social Seychelles Jumble Jamboree #3

I’d been sensible – the Jumble Sale wasn’t set to start until 1pm, though the other one and I arrived about 11.30 with our stuff. A couple of guys had already set

Items for sale that have previously had an owner

up and we spread out our paltry offerings that were then dwarfed by the mass of stuff that the boss’ wife had to sell, which was a good thing, the punters came and they went away more than satisfied. I had no intention of buying anything, it being somewhat counter productive as we were meant to be getting rid of stuff, but – of course there was going to be one – the Nature Seychelles stall were selling binoculars. I mean come on, 150SCR a pair and housed in a natty real brown leather bag, what’s a girl to do? I blew our profits there and then. The other one sadly missed the point complaining that the binoculars were foggy – I reminded him we already had a pair anyway. I think I only added to his confusion. I also bought a necklace from one of A’s mates as a keepsake from the island I informed the other one, plunging us into whatever the jumble sale equivalent of negative equity is. A colleague pulled me up for selling free DVD’s for 5SCR – I mean 20p honestly, and anyway I argued, the person will value it more for paying something even it is Conan the Barbarian.

Highlight of the day was seeing the new baby of one of the newbies who was soooo cute though being left literally holding the baby as they packed up I did feel a little self conscious, like do you spend the whole time cooing at the baby or is it okay to stop and ignore it, you can’t constantly talk gibberish can you (some, the other one say, might argue that you can)? I did try to desist, but it felt totally wrong so I showed it my new binocular bag instead. Her, I mean, I showed her the bag. I think she liked it.

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It’s a thorny issue – where in fact does jumble end and tat begin?

Do you include the smart pink pin striped shirt that you’ve kept but not worn as you burnt it with the iron but always thought you’d could salvage it by just trimming it  and re -hemming, haven’t ever done it, but maybe somebody else would? Or is that just trampy?

What about the white shirt that is perfectly fine apart from the yellow stains around the collar and armpits FROM THE DEODORANT?

Slightly grubby tea towels?

Chipped mugs?

Opened, ‘I tried it once but don’t like it’ toiletries?

Any Little Britain DVD?

I’m not for a moment suggesting that I was attempting to saturate the Jumble Sale with all or any of these such things. I’m just putting the issue out there is all.

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Officially a wuss

See, he can hold it with one hand.As I think I’ve said before, the other one has taken to watching football a lot, therefore I watch it too, though curiously I have great difficulty watching my own team. Literally, I cannot stand the tension. So the Liverpool vs Cardiff Carling Cup final I spent doing some ironing and reading, instructing the other one to turn it off at half time (which bless him he did), then dipped in intermittently-with the uncanny knack of doing so just as each team scored. That I hid myself in the bedroom while the penalties were on and forbade the other one from making any loud noises that I could then interpret to then come rushing out to cheer when Liverpool won, I fully admit makes me a s*** fan, or maybe I’m just a lady of delicate sensibility.

And while I’m on the subject:

1) What kind of trophy was that? It’s hard to hold something up triumphantly when there are teapots that are bigger.They won’t have to find much room in Anfield’s trophy room for that.In fact, I bet they’ll never find it again.

2) Suarez is a total idiot.

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A suitable gap in the schedule…

After a long break, the Social Seychelles pub quiz was back on Saturday, and you could tell. My opening patter was more of a putter and cor blimey I even had people swapping papers before ‘A’ had done her Round 1 recap. V, v slack. Then again, we were lucky it happened at all:

1) Because we had to find a date that didn’t conflict with the rugby (see previous)

2) Much more crucially, I’d had a call from Exiles about 4 hours previously saying that they didn’t think they could do it all.

I called ‘A’ all calm like, ‘ok we have to think laterally’…

About three minutes later I called back and begged.

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Six nation Seychelles

In the olden days I’m led to believe that people did things like go round to their neighbours to listen to the wireless or watch their TV, because they didn’t have one. In Seychelles, people come round to watch our cable. Well, I say people, really only ‘A’ to watch the rugby and she’s only been round once, but you get the principle.It’s very quaint I find. Much like rugby, they hug each other, scrabble around looking for a ball, find it, don’t want to let go, pull at each other’s shirts in frustration, clutch it to their chest and dive on the ground so no-one else can get it. They’re a bunch of babies. I’m not sure mine’s a widely held view. Sorry A ; )

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Reading material

Ha like I've read it

A waiting room full of 20-30 people and I’m the only one reading. Weird. Also a little bit embarrassing, not least because I’d grabbed something off the work bookshelf – Britain and its Empire and Seychelles didn’t become independent until 1976.  I tried to hide the cover in my handbag. People must have wondered what the hell was so interesting in there. Then again, if they can sit doing nothing for hours, probably not.

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To the shock of everyone, most of all myself, I passed my French exam! More than that, I scored my highest mark for my conversation. WHAT IS GOING ON?

What next? Salma Hayek being given the French Legion of Honour?

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Baking mad

of course it's not the one I made

It comes to something when you figure that the best way to get rid of the flour that seems to have accumulated in your kitchen, is to bake cakes. I think it might be because we’ve just had our oven fixed and it now actually cooks in normal time, as opposed to ‘fast forward two hours later and the top of the lasagneis slightly tinged time’.

Still, it meant that the other one did get a birthday present, only it was too small for me to jump out of.

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It started with my french teacher cancelling classes – the boss stopped learning and I plummeted in importance, I felt unwanted. Then I found out, my teacher was leaving the country – way to go to feel worse. Then I discovered my new teacher is an intern, i.e. the person who gets given all the s**t jobs. High five me!

Maybe they’re trying to tell me that my time could be better spent doing something more important –  like I don’t know, scooping up poop? Paris…now where better to start? And it would it matter that I can’t speak french? Would it hell, they’d so speak English to me anyway.

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Su Su Subios...someone had to do it

Festivals, or anything remotely close to an outdoor gathering with music and stalls, happen about once or twice a year in Seychelles and this year was a double whammy combining the Seychelles Festival of the Sea and Regatta, which made a half decent reason to go to the beach and an effort for us to get out of the house on a Saturday afternoon. Afternoon, yes, a sure sign of ageing – the idea of going out during the evening, what with all the carousing and revelry and young pups, being far too much too contemplate.

Stalls were lined up behind Beau Vallon, the area now closed to the Wednesday night market ‘Bazar Labrin’ for health and safety reasons, but presumably fine for half the population of Seychelles to rock there over the weekend. There was clearly some entrepreneurial spirit on show; homemade hoopla with empty beer bottles and a 5 rupee a go, pull a string thing. I pulled it – I didn’t win anything. I think the point was if the string was long (or coloured I can’t remember), I got a prize, lord knows what. I think all the good stuff  had gone to the Seychelles Roundtable raffle – first prize a car. Needless to say, I didn’t win that either.

Old school

We hung out by the five a side football – proudly sponsored by Heineken – next to which was their beer tent- not that that had any bearing on why we there at all. There wasn’t any music playing on the Vijay (they seem to build everything in Seychelles) barge thing, that came later – but a great idea. Luckily, we managed to bag a table at the Chili’s tent right before the heavens opened, chomped on some grub, and made it home through the deluge, watching the rain pour as we sat in our flat feeling like vindicated old duffers.

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