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Putting the trivial into trivia and some

Entertainment: What does Courtney Cox Arquette (she still was back in 2004) have that she calls Coco?

A hot drink? A Dog? Go on, tell me…

Answer:  Her daughter

What sort of piggin question is that?

Here’s my version…

Entertainment: What do I have that I call ‘something I’ve got that the staff at a games company appear not to have?’

Answer: A brain

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BBQ but not with veggie meat alas

Hot on the heels of brunch, an invite to a BBQ but not having had chance to return to the island’s fake meat emporium, I took round salad and rubbish veggie burgers made from potato, which to be quite honest there is no point to, being mashed potato stuck with carrots and peas fashioned into a round shape. Nothing like meat- at least soya or tofu give it a go and give you something to bite into. Imagine eating a proper meat burger that had the consistency of mashed potato, you might as well have an ambulance on call.

Potato veggie burgers are almost as annoying as Pret’s ‘No bread sandwiches’. I think I may have ranted about this before but that won’t stop me doing it again.

a) if it has no bread, how can it be a sandwich?
b) isn’t it therefore  just a salad?
c) are we really that stupid to fall for it?
d) yes. we buy bottled water that comes free from the tap.

ANYWAY, the BBQ was what I was meant to be talking about. I lasted until 4pm not drinking but then as the other one was on his 3rd beer, I caved. It was great to catch up with people  although ‘A’ was off to England for a month the next day as her contract has changed, so she’ll be around less : ( and we got a bit Royal discovering that  a couple of people here were at same uni, same time as William and Kate but failed to reveal any tawdry secrets, like say William secretly loves pork pies and Pernod and Catherine has been seen in buying knickers in Primark, that kind of thing.

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Being Fake # 1 – Dubai Shopping Malls

Don’t get me wrong I loved them and if you want to shop they’re great (if you have money even better). But they do like fake don’t they…

Mercato Mall – fake italy
Wafi City Mall – fake eqypt
Mall of the Emirates – fake snow
Dubai Mall – fake sea
The Walk (Jumeirah Beach Residence)/Souk Madinat – fake souk. This is rather puzzling given that the region originated them in the first place.

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Doolittle tricks

I’m trying to understand the cat.

I keep asking the other one as he’s at least had some experience in this area, though he has found it necessary to point out when I ask him how much I should feed the cat and if cats are nocturnal and if they’re tongues are really clean and where might the cat be pooing that he had a cat over 30 years ago and could I now stop obsessing about it and just because the cat  hasn’t come for her food yet doesn’t necessarily mean she’s been poisoned.

It appears she wasn't called Minx for nothing

We have lots of food to give her thanks to D and S our neighbours but I didn’t think to ask them anything else. So the first night, when the cat started meowing loudly at the door, I didn’t know what to do, let her in or not? I let her in, should stop her meowing, I thought. We shut the bedroom door and yes she did meow loudly outside it. We let her in and had a rubbish night’s sleep. Ditto the next night.

The third night, the time of my ‘where the bloody hell is she?’ panic, she stayed out and we concluded it was because it was no longer very windy, a weak hypothesis maybe but yet to be disproved.

An alternative explanation is she’s just sick of my incessant and inane chatting on at her, well that’s what the other one said and I don’t know what he was getting at. Like he said, he last had a cat 30 years ago, what does he know?

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100% genuine advertisement. Love it.

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Sorry random Gadaffi aside..

Do you ever have those moments when there’s a random fact that you’ve picked up along the way but it having been so long since you picked it up and you never really had the proper details in the first place that you start to doubt that it was ever a ‘fact’ in the first place?

I had that feeling about something I thought I knew about Gadaffi. Looking for a picture of him, I stumbled upon another picture and rejoice, I was vindicated, it was clearly a fact and I’m not going mad!

Colonel Gadaffi has in his time as leader of Libya found time to invent a car with no proper corners. Really, honestly, truthfully. A safety thing apparently. Here is the incontrovertible proof – and read it here.

Must admit though, not seen a lot of them on the road.

What next, Cameron invents robot to replace the civil service? or the Lib Dems? or how about Boris Johnson – it could be the version with a scouse accent…

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I don’t know, you go to a party and walk in and there’s your next door neighbour who you then chat to most of the evening exchanging more words in a couple of hours than you have in the three months that you’ve lived next to each other. We even told each other our names. See you can move out of London but there are some things you still carry with you, like a general aversion  to getting to know strangers on any basis.

Seychelles really is nothing more than an endurance test for urban dwellers. How long  before anonymity is craved? Imagine, the simple joy of knowing something or someone 48 hours before anyone else does…crazy.

How long will I last? Come on, someone out there must know, people often know about me before I do.

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see he's laughing

I’ve got my meditation date and like a child in a custody battle, I’m handed off from one party to the other in car park of ‘Freshcuts butchers’, high glamour in the Seychelles, as I’m way too chicken (boom boom) to drive the hills of La Misere, especially not knowing where I’m going. I feel guilty as my meditation buddy drives in and clocks me behind the wheel (getting in practice with the other one) so much so that I spend the rest of the journey explaining in torturous length my driving history (or lack of it) that given she’s at the wheel, she cannot but listen to, bet she was regretting her decision already.

I admire her house and engage in more interesting chit chat (having established the baseline of boredom with my car whining) while waiting for her other friend to arrive. I’d been careful to raise some of my concerns by email, like what if I burst out laughing? So again, I established early on the level at which I operate at (barely adult some might allege), though it does worry me if my lentil curry from the night before decides to say hello. I just hope I can meditate (or clench) it away.

I have a little intro about what meditation is all about, clearing the mind of clutter and for this particular type of meditation, of being mindful of the feelings being experienced (though my recollection may not be accurate!). I sit cross legged on a cushion, lean against the sofa and close my eyes being guided through the meditation. We’re encouraged to listen to the sounds around us before following the rhythm of our own breathing and then focusing on one particular area and to try and filter out all other distractions ( like wondering how long before our next puncture and do we need another fan belt?). All’s good, until about halfway through when my bony ankle impedes itself on my consciousness, telling me it doesn’t like being jammed against the floor. I try to move about subtly but it’s not much relief and I don’t want to break people’s attention by fidgeting too much (a major challenge). So the ankle gnaws away at me as does that state of our car, until after 30 minutes, I’m released from being at one with my mind and get to be at one with my belly as we share chocolate cake and chat about how I found the meditation.

I don’t think I properly inhabited the zone but would definitely try it again and found myself reading from cover to cover the magazine about mindful living that I was lent. I doubt I’ll be a total convert but think that it can only be beneficial to sit every now and then and aim for some inner space and peace (though not quite ready for ten full days of it!). I think my success at meditation would be aided considerably if I had a new car, though I’m not sure that Buddha would like that.

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Learning Francais in Mahe, it does not pay

French isn’t getting any better. It’s like the new driving lesson. Only humiliation is twice a week instead of once. Joy. I should have stuck to the dancing – hang on that was humiliating too.

I’m a loser.

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Stork arrivals

baby anyone?

It’s happening everywhere. I can’t escape the fact that pretty much most of my female friends ‘of an age’ are having babies – some are even on their second gasp. And so it is that two of our newly met friends in Seychelles have succumbed too to this ancient tradition and bravely decided to entrust their arrivals to the island’s healthcare system. I took an especial interest in their endeavours; though still unsure of what direction life may take me, many pointed out before I left Blighty that if I’m not working for two years I could pop out a couple of kids like you do (fertility permitting). Fair point but it’s not the two years I’m bothered about so much as the other 16 at on top of that. As for living in London – have them complaining that they can’t afford it and still living under my feet at 30?

Hmmm. Some might say I’ve got the wrong attitude.

Still, the births here went swimmingly well, healthy babies, healthy mums. All good.

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