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new newbies

I was looking for a matching picture and saw this. I love my hometown.

Like the passing of the seasons (as far as I can remember, we just get sunny + rain and cloudy +more rain), teachers come and teachers go. So some went before Christmas and some arrived and seeing as though we did naff all over the holidays, we thought we best make the effort. We didn’t go overboard you understand, I didn’t actually have to leave the house. A couple of the new guys came over – who I am happy to report are Social Seychellers – and we had beers and chatted about the island, and what a great place it is to live. And then I got drunk and told them the truth…I kid…I do really.

One of them was yet another south east London refugee so this tells you something. By god, there must be a case for twinning.

Victoria, Seychelles twinned with Thornton Heath,Croydon. 

Actually, no.

Victoria, Seychelles twinned with Purley Way ,Croydon [home to Sainsbury’s, B&Q and Ikea]

There’s got to be something in it for Seychelles, come on.

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Vicarious internet shopping

Shopping online is brilliant – unfortunately,this is only so when its for other people, the cost of goods (plus delivery fees to Seychelles being generally shocking) meaning its not really worth it for ourselves. So it was, the other one and I browsed online, getting excited about the latest DVDs, books and heaps of stuff that we (cue violins) could only ever hope to have. So rarely do we get to shop properly, I loved it,trying to match the right gifts to family, and for our nephews we adopted animals from the World Wildlife Fund, my personal fave and a worthwhile cause if you know that the kids are going to get loads anyway -and they get a cuddly toy out of it too. We were very pleased with ourselves – and the internet crashed only once.

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Managing expectations

Back in the Shells, I’d been relatively successful in my Mauritian supermarket sweep finding Christmas pressies for the other one, if a little unoriginal. Find a theme and work it,that’s my motto. I dropped unsubtle hints to the other one on my return as to my ‘generosity.’ I didn’t want to be sat there on Christmas Day holding only one gift. I didn’t care about quality I wanted quantity, the thrill of sitting there guessing what the package that looks suspiciously like a DVD might be other than a DVD, which was just as well as the other one didn’t have the luxury of getting off the island to shop. He had Victoria. I assured him that my expectations were low.

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Menlyn Shopping mall

I went to one, it had shops, I bought stuff. You don’t need to get as excited about it as me, so I’ll spare you the details, just be assured that it did all fit in my suitcase.

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Across the road from the hotel

Were about as many facilities as there are in the whole of Mahe; restaurants, a theatre, a spa, pharmacy, Woolworth’s express type thing (south African version is posh and this one was food only) and shops. Notably one called the safari and outdoor company. I thought I’d have a nosy round thinking it would be like Blacks or Go Outdoors, it wasn’t.

It was a designer hunting shop by all accounts, guns, fatigues,ammo, anything you might want to kill things and just in case you were unclear as to the shop’s purpose, they had a nice little wall feature. Isn’t it funny how countries can be so culturally different? FAIL.

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Hotel shop here we come…

Having resolved to be kinder to ourselves and make this year in Seychelles a wee bit more creature comfort driven, we headed to the hotel shop or ISPC, that mecca of all things luxury – camembert, creme fraiche, non iceberg lettuce, lemons, leeks and tortillas – which was pretty much what we came out with.

Hmmmm, now what?

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Hot off the press

The shop is now open. Pass it on.

The other one raced in with excitement and I could hear him having a right old chat, asking if they were definitely re-open, how good it was that they were, loud laughs etc etc. I sat in the car and stared at the back of a man having a pee, who when he’d finished, noticed me and muttered in what I thought was creole but transpired to be english, ‘beer’ he said ‘beer’. I smiled weakly, the other one came out and rather than it scaring pee man off, he got bolder and came to the car window ‘ beer’ he bleated, clearly wasted. I looked him in the eyes (hard me), politely said no and we drove off and I enquired of the other one, what the deal was with the shop.

‘They’re open’ he said, ‘how are they?, I said, ‘I don’t know’, he said, ‘why’ I said, ‘oh it was someone different’, he said, ‘so like new owners?’ I said. He paused, ‘I guess they were’.

So that’s the story of the shop.

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