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Social Seychelles Jumble Jamboree #3

I’d been sensible – the Jumble Sale wasn’t set to start until 1pm, though the other one and I arrived about 11.30 with our stuff. A couple of guys had already set

Items for sale that have previously had an owner

up and we spread out our paltry offerings that were then dwarfed by the mass of stuff that the boss’ wife had to sell, which was a good thing, the punters came and they went away more than satisfied. I had no intention of buying anything, it being somewhat counter productive as we were meant to be getting rid of stuff, but – of course there was going to be one – the Nature Seychelles stall were selling binoculars. I mean come on, 150SCR a pair and housed in a natty real brown leather bag, what’s a girl to do? I blew our profits there and then. The other one sadly missed the point complaining that the binoculars were foggy – I reminded him we already had a pair anyway. I think I only added to his confusion. I also bought a necklace from one of A’s mates as a keepsake from the island I informed the other one, plunging us into whatever the jumble sale equivalent of negative equity is. A colleague pulled me up for selling free DVD’s for 5SCR – I mean 20p honestly, and anyway I argued, the person will value it more for paying something even it is Conan the Barbarian.

Highlight of the day was seeing the new baby of one of the newbies who was soooo cute though being left literally holding the baby as they packed up I did feel a little self conscious, like do you spend the whole time cooing at the baby or is it okay to stop and ignore it, you can’t constantly talk gibberish can you (some, the other one say, might argue that you can)? I did try to desist, but it felt totally wrong so I showed it my new binocular bag instead. Her, I mean, I showed her the bag. I think she liked it.

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It’s a thorny issue – where in fact does jumble end and tat begin?

Do you include the smart pink pin striped shirt that you’ve kept but not worn as you burnt it with the iron but always thought you’d could salvage it by just trimming it  and re -hemming, haven’t ever done it, but maybe somebody else would? Or is that just trampy?

What about the white shirt that is perfectly fine apart from the yellow stains around the collar and armpits FROM THE DEODORANT?

Slightly grubby tea towels?

Chipped mugs?

Opened, ‘I tried it once but don’t like it’ toiletries?

Any Little Britain DVD?

I’m not for a moment suggesting that I was attempting to saturate the Jumble Sale with all or any of these such things. I’m just putting the issue out there is all.

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Who says life isn’t exciting in Seychelles when you have a Jumble Sale to organise? I very nearly didn’t bother, what with having the trifling matter of finding a job and somewhere to live in the UK, but the ex boss’ wife shamed me into action as they were leaving the island too and had lots of things to get rid of. I put a call into the Exiles, Social Seychelles place de jour,  they were free and said why not? Tea and cakes on offer, a veritable smorgasbord of other people’s clutter to sift through and a lone CD that didn’t make it into my CD/DVD box consisting of contemporary jazz classics (there was a Jamie Cullum track on it hence my reluctance) to smooth away the afternoon. I just had to make sure I had enough people selling things and enough people willing to buy. A first stumbling block was what the Creole equivalent of Jumble Sale might be? Bric-a-Brac to Go? Probably not. Knick Knacks for Sale? Unlikely. Yard Sale? Too Yank. Other People’s tat? Too niche. Second Hand Goods? Confusing – does anyone sell first hand stuff?. Stuff for Sale. Doesn’t specify not brand new. Used Goods. Unsavoury.

Things you can buy that other people have bought and found useful but no longer want and now are selling for either  ridiculously high prices mistakenly thinking that the world shares their bad taste or at absurdly low prices hoping that this will entice the world to think that their bad taste is actually good and that they’ve bagged a bargain only for it to sit stuffed at the back of a drawer or wardrobe because no matter how much they say it’s in fashion, leopard print anything is sure to look plain tacky or that kind of thing’. Is far too long.

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A suitable gap in the schedule…

After a long break, the Social Seychelles pub quiz was back on Saturday, and you could tell. My opening patter was more of a putter and cor blimey I even had people swapping papers before ‘A’ had done her Round 1 recap. V, v slack. Then again, we were lucky it happened at all:

1) Because we had to find a date that didn’t conflict with the rugby (see previous)

2) Much more crucially, I’d had a call from Exiles about 4 hours previously saying that they didn’t think they could do it all.

I called ‘A’ all calm like, ‘ok we have to think laterally’…

About three minutes later I called back and begged.

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new newbies

I was looking for a matching picture and saw this. I love my hometown.

Like the passing of the seasons (as far as I can remember, we just get sunny + rain and cloudy +more rain), teachers come and teachers go. So some went before Christmas and some arrived and seeing as though we did naff all over the holidays, we thought we best make the effort. We didn’t go overboard you understand, I didn’t actually have to leave the house. A couple of the new guys came over – who I am happy to report are Social Seychellers – and we had beers and chatted about the island, and what a great place it is to live. And then I got drunk and told them the truth…I kid…I do really.

One of them was yet another south east London refugee so this tells you something. By god, there must be a case for twinning.

Victoria, Seychelles twinned with Thornton Heath,Croydon. 

Actually, no.

Victoria, Seychelles twinned with Purley Way ,Croydon [home to Sainsbury’s, B&Q and Ikea]

There’s got to be something in it for Seychelles, come on.

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Work life balance

With next to no notice, a Social Seychelles pub quiz was hastily arranged as work decided that I needed to go to Mauritius and Air Seychelles decided all its flights were full. This meant staying from Saturday to Saturday. Don’t get me wrong, getting to travel with work is great but at what cost to my social life eh? Wreaking havoc on our hard partying lifestyle – the other one left to dance round the living room on his own…shame.

With A also on the move, and she’s the pub mistress extraordinaire after all, there was little room for manoeuvre, and with less than a week to go, a pub quiz was called. I was a bit worried there’d be bugger all people about, but work put in a good show as did other Social Sey pub regulars, and it was another great evening, full of interesting facts; did you know that the Pakistan telecomms agency has banned more than a 1000 words from texts for being offensive, really bad words like mangos, lavender and pud? Leading me to conclude that having swearwords is far b***** y easier and so much more satisfying.

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Back by popular demand….

From our 24 hour island getaway to the pub quiz at Exiles, we rock the glamour. ‘A’ did a fab job with the questions with some interfering from me, we even had a bonus round on Halloween – getting all contemporary and everything (did you know that there is a fear of halloween ‘Samhainophobia’? Well, you do now, personally I think there should be a fear of trick or treaters – dontyoudarecomplainthatitsfunsizeophobia).

It was the first time we’d held it on a saturday night and I was a bit worried but we got nine full teams, so not bad (though I forgot to take money from the latecomers like duh). We nearly had a tie break situation and then I realised I’d added up wrong. Good job I had, otherwise the other one’s team might have won, then again the team that did win was full of my work colleagues. Either way, despite my squeaky clean pub governance procedures, my claim to be Switzerland might be tainted (though I’ve never accepted large amounts of cash from dubious investors – mainly because I’ve never been asked).

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