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Shhh shhh it’s ever so quiet..

A blissful weekend, the other one was the only person I had to see, and speak to, for two whole days. This sadly isn’t to give him credit for my enjoyment, it’s not like living with Oscar Wilde (or Johnny Depp for that matter and besides there’s no bathtub to fill with champagne here) but merely to note that after 3 weeks of being constantly with people, it was great not to be. Quite why I created Social Seychelles I sometimes wonder.

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I'd just grab those beardy plait things...

Said film hit Seychelles last week and maybe being in Seychelles has given me an aversion to pirates but I have this to say:

Sling yer bloody hook Captain Jack Sparrow, do us all a favour and WALK THE SODDING PLANK.

I prefer my pantomime on stage when I can join in, shout, and BOOOO loudly. And I would say that to Johnny Depp’s face, really I would, I’m just not sure if that would be before or after I tried to snog the living daylights out of him. Hmmm maybe after.






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Earth with a bump

Reality kicked in as the sad events of the week unfolded and news broke of the shark attack off Anse Lazio claiming the life of Briton Ian Redmond (and while I’d been in England also that of Nicolas Virolle, a French tourist). The phones went crazy and,surprisingly, quite a few UK dailies sent over reporters (no wonder the printed editions are losing money), all eager to know more. Paramount, however, was the privacy of Gemma Redmond and her family. I cannot even begin to know what it must have felt (and still feel) like. It’s only been a week, the family still grieves, but the news has moved on. The phones are quiet, the search for the shark continues and the thought remains, it can happen to any of us at any time. I’ll have that second bowl of London Dairy thank you very much and not worry too much really about anything. Live.

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# The Return – Three bags full

Landline dead, no internet.

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# The Return – Two kgs under

That was all we had left of our luggage allowance when our bags were weighed at the airport; twice what we took with us. I wouldn’t mind but we were useless when it came to bringing things that we might actually need, crisps, chocolate, pan scrubs, tea, nice smelly fabric stuff, school books (the other one, honestly).

And then…Not a day later and some punks, robbed us while we were in the house!! I say robbed, they only found some Hall’s Soothers (but as seeing as though I’ve never seen them here I reckon I could fetch a fairly decent price). They were stuffed in a bag that thankfully I’d emptied of anything worthwhile, but which they’d managed to drag across the floor and through the bars on the window by using a long pole they’d poked through! I’m fairly sanguine about it as they didn’t nab anything valuable and they soon scarpered but that was day 2 of our return.

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A trip in brief

26 days, 13 bedrooms, 13 kids, 10 magazines, 7 cities, 6 parks, 3 towns, 3 films, 2 takeaways, 2 oyster cards, 4 sandwiches, 2 chai lattes, 1 doctor, 1 dentist, 1 optician, 1 sushi, 1 pizza express, 1 pret, 1 champagne cocktail, 1 twirl, 1 sunday newspaper, 1 birthday, 1 year older. Harumph.

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#Days 23-28 London like an old slipper

Regent street with bus

Dear old friends, another pub birthday celebration, packed tubes, crap weather, managing to avoid a riot or two. No one’s going to stop me walk the streets of London.

And all too soon our trip was over.

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