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Haircut and lunch

This was my mid recovery treat. A haircut at Martin Hoareau’s new place (I was starting to look like ‘ Cousin It’ from the Munsters)  and then on to lunch at La Plaine St Andre that’s been open down near Anse Royale for quite a while now,  but we’d been too lazy to get there, even though it had been the excitement of the island for quite some time. Actually, I had been for our work Christmas lunch and the place is gorgeously set in a traditional Creole house and verdant green gardens, but I’d hadn’t been impressed by my red snapper and mango salsa main course and in hindsight I think fish and fruit is a combination for the brave. This time though, the food was lovely. I had a fish burger, which was just a massive slab of red snapper between two buns with salad and the other one had a proper beefburger. It was quiet and the service was good, if a little too attentive, which isn’t something I ever thought I’d say about Seychelles customer service.

The only low point was that the restaurant wasn’t very busy and presumably this must be the case every week, as there was some kind of spirit tasting session going on, and rather than organise diners on one side of the restaurant and the tasting on the other, they intermingled the too, which okay they weren’t jostling at my elbow but it kind of ruined the ambience. It also made me want hard liquor at lunchtime, which as I hadn’t drank anything since the op would have made for an interesting afternoon.

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I have soooooo much chocolate. Care parcels have been arriving from the UK – thank you my lovelies – and to have proper chocolate – handmade or Cadbury’s has been a delight. So I might have got rid of a few pounds with the cyst now gone, but now I’ve got a chocolate belly instead. And I am also now officially in love with Wispas. I’d forgotten how good they are. Thanks H and thanks to whoever started the internet campaign in 2007 to bring them back.That was foresight.

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Body sneezing

In the weeks after the op, one of the most painful things I could imagine about the recovery was coughing or sneezing as the area was so sore anyway.A mate who’d had caesarian said that her doc recommended holding a cushion against your belly if the urge should take you, but the funny thing was, it didn’t. I sneeze a lot, and when I do, it can never be one, it’s four at a minimum.  And yet I didn’t sneeze once, nor did I cough, or blow my nose. So either the body really is wonderful machine, or I’v e been allergic to work all this time and it’s taken the first time I’ve ever been sick for more than a day, to realise this.

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It’s been a lengthy intermission…

Totally tardy – the longest gap between posts ever, but I guess I had a good excuse. Anyway, I’m back.

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